Vladimir Lakodin - Music for film & TV


Crime, Pain And Revenge (dramatic thriller music)

by Vladimir

Dark dramatic orchestral/rock music, telling the history of criminal tragedy, big pain and preparing for revenge. Tension in strings, sad minimalistic piano, dirty drums, trippy guitars. Dramatic tension rises from part to part of the piece. Perfect for documentaries, feature films, TV series.

To license this track for film, TV etc. https://www.audiosparx.com/sa/archive/Dramatic/Sad-Music/Crime-Pain-and-Revenge/873789

“Black-white Waltz” video

by Vladimir

Retro waltz with decadent flavor. This music has a taste of an epoch of 20s and 30s years (20th century). Romantic melody of this waltz tells about mixed feelings, love yearning, light sadness. This piece made in european tradition. Suitable for historical drama, film documentary, romantic videos.

To license this track for film, TV etc. https://www.audiosparx.com/sa/archive/Dramatic/Romantic-Music/Black-White-Waltz/860656

Deeply Secret Agent

by Vladimir

Ironic jazz music in tradition of spy movies. Suitable for action scenes and for illustration of hero’s character. Vibrating guitar, bright brass section, groovy rhythm. Contains classical motives of “spy” music. May be used in promos, trailers in “pulp fiction” and “James Bond” style.

To license this track for film, TV etc. https://www.musiccult.com/mcc/archive/Action/Action-Intense-Jazz/Deeply-Secret-Agent/863052